Miami just got a little hotter! Introducing The Miami Beats!

We specialize in Miami weddings and corporate events!

Concert level entertainment for the world’s trendsetters! As with most things, peace of mind comes with knowing you have made the best possible choice. Making the right choice with entertainment and music means you can relax a little knowing that you are in good hands with a top band that shares your vision of creating an outstanding event.

For The Miami Beats this began with hiring highly talented and enthusiastic people, add in some of the best training available through both college music programs as well as major world touring experience, many hours of rehearsals with a set group of select performers, and then the “X factor” which is often achieved when combing all of the above!

We have worked hard to bring you the best product we can and we’re anxious to show you the difference and raise the bar.

Create an Unforgettable Experience!

Bring the concert to your place!

Perfect For Business Seminars & Conventions

Let's Make Your Party Extraordinary