The Miami Beats:

Miami just got a little hotter with The Miami Beats!

This fun and exciting twelve-piece band features four dynamic and diverse front vocalists who really know how to wow an audience with their well-rehearsed harmonies and choreography. Three of their vocalists can sing in English as well as Spanish and they truly encompass the Miami style and flair! The group has a powerful and soulful horn section, an internationally acclaimed percussionist, and even offers optional Latin Dancers! We have Miami’s best of the best backing them up in the rhythm section with a drummer who holds down the groove like no other, and a highly respected team carefully handpicked by the group’s bandleader.

As with all of the Florida Music Group bands, this group brings the excitement off of the stage right out into the audience! The group authentically covers a huge range of music with an emphasis on fun dance hits. From Etta James to Dua Lupa, Frankie Valli to Cardi B, Post Malone, or Blink 182, or perhaps Celia Cruz, Juanes, or Pitbull.

They can seamlessly transition from one genre to another and will keep your party energized. We are very lucky to have international touring musician Jacin Nagao leading the band and bringing his unique experience to the group. Jacin has been a high demand top touring artist for many years performing equally well on guitar, saxophone, and as a vocalist. He has toured the world with many famous artists including New Kids On The Block, Joss Stone, Jon Secada, Hilary Mcrae, Flo Rida, Ricky Martin, and Enrique Iglesias. Needless to say, there are many exaggerated or false claims to be found on the internet, even many opportunists who simply pose with an artist in order to claim some kind of working relationship with said artist! In our case you can simply Google the bandleader’s name and you will see all that he has done, no false claims here!

Jacin has learned from the best and knows the amount of work and talent needed to create a top touring band. He brings this work ethic to The Miami Beats.  Jacin does still tour selectively but opts for a more settled down lifestyle that allows for more time at home.

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